Like a Phoenix

Hedony Design is characterised by a vibrant use of colour and attention to detail. Born from a collaboration of innovative designers specialising in graphic and fashion design as well as the more couture aspects, Hedony is about singing the praises of the female body.

It brings together the couture and fetish traditions, mixing rubber with silk and lace to create pieces that are flattering, sexy and fun. From reinvented basics to stunning full-length gowns, every piece is handmade by the team, with their full attention and care. With a definite French Touch, Hedony Design takes a step back from the traditional latex image in favour of the flirty, the innovative, and the fashionable.

Hedony Design – Latex Haute Couture – Since 2002

Hedony Design is a brand created by Josselin Guichard. The collections are a mix of sophisticated materials and rubber, using Haute Couture styles and technics. Even though rubber is a very suggestive material, it appears to be very different when it’s associated with other fabrics such as muslin or lace. The cut-outs are at the same time modern and sexy.
Let yourself be surprised by this original and bewitched mix of styles.